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Goodnight Lava | by Alex Pardee | T Shirt


Designed by Alex Pardee.
2 color on Light Blue American Apparel Mens Tee.
Printed with Discharge process & Waterbased Inks, this process bleaches the fabric, so there is hardly any feel to the print at all. Very soft.

The following passage is a quote from designer Alex Pardee about the graphic. This quote is printed on the INSIDE of each shirt:
“I had a bunch of pet rabbits when I was younger, and they all had prostitute names, though I didn’t realize it then. On April 1st, when I was 10, my father came into my room to tell me that one of the rabbits, Cinnamon, was dead. I laughed and thought ‘what a weird joke to play on me’. But Cinnamon was dead. And it was then that I realized I had never even picked her up and held her because I was scared. So I made sure to hug the other ones as hard as I could, and imagine that they were unicorns.”